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Repairshop/Workshop Management System with (POS) V4

Repairer V4 – Repair/Workshop Management System is carefully developed for easy management of any type of repairshop or workshop. It’s actually an innovative, simple and powerful management tool, designed and developed for you. It’s just your trusty employee. It’s a web based system where you can manage reparations, clients, inventory, purchases etc.

The Accountant with Invoicing and Customers Ledger

Easy to use web based double entry accounting software with invoicing, stock management, payable and receivables written in PHP – MySQL. Chart of Accounts (Groups and Ledgers), Import from CSV/Export to XLS, Dynamic Entry Types (Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal, etc), Ledger account reconciliation, Tag entries, Invoicing, Stock Management, Payables, Receivables & Support for multiple accounts

Repair shop/Workshop Management System with (POS) V1.3

Repair/Workshop Management System is carefully developed an Advanced, powerful, flexible complete reparation management software for repair workshops. It has powerful reporting features. Clients can keep track of repair status and invoices, integrated wit PayPal Holdings, Inc.

How could you  benifit from our DevOps engineers?

Site Reliability Engineer

Applies aspects of software engineering to the infrastructure, creating scalable and highly reliable software systems.

DevOps Evangelist

Implements and orchestrates DevOps across the application..

Automation Engineer

Designs, analyze, and implements strategies for continuous deployment, guaranteeing high availability.

Cloud Engineer

Responsible for all the technical issues regarding cloud computing; fully accountable for deploying cloud services.

Security Engineer

Builds security into products by working side-by-side with developers

DevOps Architect

Builds platforms and frameworks to consistently and verifiably manage the application between non-production & production environments.

Why choose Us?

We establish long-term relationships with our clients

Success isn’t one moment at the end of project – it’s a habit that is repeated at every stage of the software’s life cycle.

We join our client and act as a Technical Partner focused on the satisfactoril success of the project, rather than as a contractor who is only building a one-off project. This approach allows us to build software with the futuristic needs in mind which enable us to form strong relationships with clients that last forever. Our long-term and forward-thinking approach is reflected in the optimal quality of our coding capabilities & final product.

We help companies of all sizes in Retail, Sales, Healthcare, Fintech, and MarTech. Our superior solutions are focused on DevOps, Cloud Migrations, Continuous Delivery, DevSecOps, Microservices, and AWS Managed Services. 

Open Technology Solutions is your All-In-One Cloud Technology Partner!

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