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POS Software for repair shops

A Point Of Sale software explicitly made to cater to all your repair shop needs. Inventory, billings, acquisitions, integrations, and more! You need it? We got it!


Checkout more Customers In less time

Less is more has never been more accurate. Your POS software should be fast, efficient, reliable, and tailor-made for your workflow. With RepairDesk, you’ll be processing customers faster than you can say; “Time is money”!

Demo Login

Password:  password

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy Files Unzip the file you downloaded from CodeCanyon, copy the contents in the to your webserver.
  2. Import Database When you unzipped the file in step 1, there is a folder called database you will find. In there you will find an SQL file(repairerr.sql), that is the system database. Import it to your PhpMyAdmin or whatever system you use.
  3. Edit .env file On the folder you pasted on your installation folder, you will find a file called .env . This is a very important file that stores system variables. Open the file in a text editor and edit the following lines. The other lines can be edited via the system settings page so don’t worry about them.


  • APP_URL=
  • DB_HOST=localhost
  • DB_USERNAME=username
  • DB_PASSWORD=password
  • DB_DATABASE=database_name
  1. Take backup of files and database
  2. Copy Files Unzip the file you downloaded from CodeCanyon, copy the contents in the to your webserver.
  3. Copy app/resources/lang and public/uploads from backup
  4. run
  5. Update Successfully Installed!

It comes with full source code except the front-end. The front-end code is (minified). So you can’t edit the front-end but back-end open and your modify according to your desire.

Ability to Serve

The script offers a total repair control with an end-to-end workflow tailored for your entire repair management business in one place. Everything you need to generate more revenue and provide a great checkout experience to your customers. Sell more repairs and accessories, collect payments, purchase used smartphones and so much more.

Computer Repair

Repair tracking, shop management, and a suite of ad-ons to help grow your repair business.

Phone/Drone Repair

Create tickets, generate invoices, process payments, order parts, manage inventory etc…

Watch Repair

Quick ticketing system and a fast and easy checkout that works seamlessly with both repairs and retail.

Jewelry Repair

Manage your entire jewelry repair & restoration business in one place at the speed of now.

Grow your business efficiently!


Pre & Post Checklist

Satisfy your customers by logging the device’s condition before you take it in for repair and after you hand it over to the customer.

Ticket Management

Create repair tickets directly from the POS screen. Choose a device or problem and assign it to a repair technician in just a few clicks.

Self Check-Ins

Reduce employee error and counter lines by collecting essential customer data before they come to the counter


Collect customer emails and phone numbers with a few clicks. Quickly pull up customer information on your POS if they walk in again.

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