Human Rights Policy

Open Technology Solutions (OTS)’s Human Rights policy applies to every OTS employee and is based on the following key principles:

  • Conducting all of our business lawfully in all the communities that we serve and in a manner that respects and promotes human rights and equality for all employees, agency staff and suppliers wherever they are based.
  • A recognition and respect of the fundamental human right to allow employees/people to lead a dignified and independent life, free from abuse, violations and any form of discrimination.
  • A recognition that peoples’ human rights can be directly and indirectly affected by the company’s operations, products and services, and to take steps to identify and reduce the company’s negative impact on communities and environments wherever possible.
  • A desire to act as a responsible organization in achieving a common set of standards applying to all peoples and all nations in the commitment to continual social and economic improvement.
  • Oppose and prohibit the use of human trafficking, child labor, slavery and slave labor, and expect the same from all of our business partners and suppliers. As a global business, the Company is committed to compliance with the International Bill of Human Rights and both applicable labor laws and specific human rights laws such as the USA, U.K.’s Modern Slavery Act.
  • A commitment to seek to only enter into contractual relations with third parties who demonstrate a desire to apply similar principles to the above through their own frameworks and initiatives.

Supply Chain

OTS recognizes that the successful implementation of our Human Rights Policy is heavily influenced by the cooperation and support of our supply chains.

If suppliers or contractors act in a way that is inconsistent with our Human Rights Policy and/or are complicit in any human rights abuses, Open Technology Solutions will look to terminate their contracts and end all commercial relations with them.

Sher Khan CEO, Open Technology Solutions.