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If you don’t know how to setup Azure? Our experts will help you set up Azure platform with appropriate architecture and important security foundations. We are here to help you explore Azure offerings that can benefit the nature of your applications. Moreover we can help you to migrate your existing infrastructure/applications to Azure Cloud , so you can benefit from minimum downtimes and predictable outcomes.

Infrastructure as Code

Provision and manage cloud resources by writing a template that is human readable and machine consumable.

Microservice Architecture

Evolve the tech stack of a complex application with a microservice architecture while enabling a rapid, frequent and reliable delivery.

Serverless Architecture

Build and run applications without managing the infrastructure, running apps on servers, but with no need for provisioning, scaling, and maintenance.

Kubernetes Clustering

Make the potential of containers an operational reality by running containerized applications across multiple machines and environments.

Set up CI/CD Pipelines

Developing a strategy for where and how to apply DevOps tools, practices, and approaches to accelerate technology delivery at scale is key to the cloud environment. The goal of automation is to establish a consistent and automated way to build, package, and test applications.

Continuous Monitoring

It is the process and technology required to incorporate monitoring across each phase of your DevOps and IT operations lifecycles. It helps to continuously ensure the health, performance, and reliability of your application and infrastructure as it moves from development to production.


Security is a key concern for any organization moving to the cloud, who needs confidence that its platforms and data are secure. Open Technology Solutions helps its clients build, deploy, and operate cloud platform using modern DevOps approaches.

How could you  benifit from our DevOps engineers?

Site Reliability Engineer

Applies aspects of software engineering to the infrastructure, creating scalable and highly reliable software systems.

DevOps Evangelist

Implements and orchestrates DevOps across the application..

Automation Engineer

Designs, analyze, and implements strategies for continuous deployment, guaranteeing high availability.

Cloud Engineer

Responsible for all the technical issues regarding cloud computing; fully accountable for deploying cloud services.

Security Engineer

Builds security into products by working side-by-side with developers

DevOps Architect

Builds platforms and frameworks to consistently and verifiably manage the application between non-production & production environments.

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DevOps FAQ

Reduce TCO with our DevOps services.

The questions we often hear about our DevOps services.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a methodology that relies on cloud-based tools and best practices to automate, optimize, and monitor the entire Software Development life cycle. DevOps is the conjunction of Development and Operations working over the app infrastructure.

Can DevOps be Outsourced?

Outsourcing DevOps is not just possible; it’s typically recommended as the best way to hire DevOps services. For example, a nearshore DevOps team like ClickIT can bring a high level of expertise in software engineering to any company. When outsourcing, look for specialized knowledge of CI/CD pipelines, testing tools, release automation, infrastructure configuration, and management.

Why Outsource DevOps?

Outsourced DevOps allows a company to stay focused on more important business matters. An organization looking for DevOps is typically seeking to gain agility and reduce IT costs through a productivity improvement. When outsourcing, choose a provider that you trust and effectively communicate with.

What is DevOps-as-a-Service?

DevOps-as-a-Service is a set of practices, tools, and cultural philosophies with the aim of delivering applications faster and better. It is typically delivered via cutting-edge cloud technology.

What are DevOps best practices? These are generally recognized as DevOps best practices:
    • Container Orchestration. The process of automating the management and coordination of container-based microservice applications across multiple clusters.
    • Infrastructure-as-Code. The process that automates the provisioning of infrastructure. Infrastructure-as-code enables the development, deployment, and scalability of cloud applications with higher speed, less risk, and lower cost.
    • CI/CD. The processes of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery. CI/CD allows development teams to deliver code changes more reliably, and more often.
    • Serverless. It is a cloud-native development mode that allows developers to build and run applications and services without having to manage servers.

Why choose Us?

We establish long-term relationships with our clients

Success isn’t one moment at the end of project – it’s a habit that is repeated at every stage of the software’s life cycle.

We join our client and act as a Technical Partner focused on the satisfactoril success of the project, rather than as a contractor who is only building a one-off project. This approach allows us to build software with the futuristic needs in mind which enable us to form strong relationships with clients that last forever. Our long-term and forward-thinking approach is reflected in the optimal quality of our coding capabilities & final product.

We help companies of all sizes in Retail, Sales, Healthcare, Fintech, and MarTech. Our superior solutions are focused on DevOps, Cloud Migrations, Continuous Delivery, DevSecOps, Microservices, and AWS Managed Services. 

Open Technology Solutions is your All-In-One Cloud Technology Partner!

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