IT Services & Support

With dynamic solutions, experienced resources, and leading expertise, we can help you to enhance your existing IT infrastructure so you can focus on the things that matters.

Our Managed IT Service gives you proactive support across your entire IT infrastructure. Our unique difference is we our evergreen solution – we remain agile and don’t tie you down or into a long contract. We know systems change and businesses change, so your platform needs to change with you.

Whether it’s a long-term project, stand-alone project or an extension of your in house team of developers, We can provide you with a spectrum of software needs. Bold innovative ideas don’t have to be expensive to develop. In an age of globalized technological advances expertise can be found across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Processes and operations are becoming smarter, affording businesses the ability to increase both productivity and efficiency.

Research & Development

R&D empowers companies to go beyond existing barriers to discover innovative and immediately beneficial solutions—saving time, money, and creating new opportunities. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies have moved beyond futuristic entertainment and into business-critical applications. Understand context, monitor physiology, and motivate users to address specific business challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

Every business strives to be smarter, faster, cost efficient, and ultimately, more competitive.

Intelligence Automation

Take information processing to the next level with intelligent automation. Sift through mountains.

Advanced Analytics

AI affords businesses immediate and actionable information to realize the true value of data

DevOps Services

Enable continuous delivery & DevOps practices for faster time-to-market with reliability and efficiency.

Our DevOps Services can be helpful to align your development needs of your operations teams. You’ll improve code quality and time, adopt continuous integration, and deliver faster.

Software Development

Make your software development lifecycle more productive, reliable and secure in cost effect way.

Our Software Development Services will help you to design, plan, and build robust, secure, high-quality open source software applications. That will  increase your productivity and efficiency.

Web design/development

We know how to create exceptionally creative web designs!

We honor your high standards and loves to meet them ingeniously. We being a pioneer web development company respect your time and ideas and deliver most alluring web designs. We can deliver eCommerce websites based on globally recognized standards

Enterprise Solutions

Gaining Competitive Edge with Progressive Transformation of Business Processes.

We at Open Technology Solutions are aimed at transforming business processes, synchronizing varied IT platforms, improving workflow and enhancing operation efficiencies for its clients.

Cloud Services

Accomplishing On-Demand Agility and Seamless Scalability in Processes.

We at Open Technology Solutions serve our clients through pay-as-you-go, private and hybrid Cloud services for computing and storage infrastructure and IT platform management, allow us to serve you.

Information & Cyber Security Services

We’ve covered it all!

Cyber Security, Networks Security, Risk Management. We are always committed to bringing the best Information security solutions for our corporate clients. We particularize in securing networks, systems, devices and applications.

Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is changing the way the world interacts with itself.

Intelligent Mobility

Increasing traffic, changes in traffic patterns, road construction, expansion of subway systems, and service outages are all challenges that leave governments, businesses.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance (PdM) determines which machines need servicing and when, based on responsive, real-time data. Through sensors and active monitoring, businesses can proactively address issues before they become problems.

Smart Manufacturing

To be competitive in the digital economy, manufacturers must integrate advanced technologies into their manufacturing operations and processes. Smart manufacturing (SM) makes this possible with collaborative systems that collect and analyze real-time data to expedite proactive decision making.

Big Data & Analytics

Big data is the centerpiece for digital business transformation –making customer interaction more impactful and answering critical business questions, highlighting areas for cost efficiency and opportunities for growth.

  • BI & Augmented Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Platform
  • Data Strategy & Governance
  • Data Management 

Harness the power of big data. Cloud data platforms provide a simplified path to onboarding new business use cases and scenarios while significantly accelerating time-to-market.

Mail Server

Let us host all your emails in our secure email servers or setup your own in-house Mail Server!

You get a Virus, SPAM, Malware, FREE reliable email system!. Linux mail server has been tested for volumes as high as 300,000 transactions/day on a simple hardware comprising a Desktop having 512Mb RAM and operating on the Fedora, Redhat, SentOS, BSD and Ubuntu etc


  • No sophisticated licensing & Server space cost.
  • When hosted in-house, no limit on web space.
  • No limitation on number of Mail ID’s/inboxes
  • Reliable Secure Linux Server with no limits.
  • Multiple domains and thousands of Email ID’s can run on your existing hardware.

Cloud Services

At OTS we are passionate about cloud technologies and we regularly use them to solve our client’s problems as well as our own. Our specialist engineers can help guide you through the abundance of cloud services so you get the best solution to meet your needs. We can help migrate, adopt or perhaps simply trial cloud services. If it is Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud our accredited engineers can help design or implement your custom cloud solution.

We are accredited, available onsite or offsite can design a completely сloud-native or hybrid or private cloud solution. Our full-stack developers can augment your existing development resource or add a new capability to your business. We offer engineering expertise in the following:

Hashicorp Terraform, Hashicorp Packer, Consul, Kubernetes, Ansible, NodeJS, JavaScript UI: ReactJS, AngularJS, Java, PHP, Python, Golang.

Linux Virtualization (KVM/Libvirt)

We at Open Technology Solutions deliver Virtualization Solutions to help customers boost performance and efficiency across server, storage, and network infrastructure assets. From concept through implementation and ongoing support, we provide expertise across the data-center to ensure technology strategies and tactics align with business needs.

We have wast experience in designing, deploying and supporting Virtualization technologies from KVM, VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft.

  • Improves availability and support for business-critical applications and large databases
  • Significantly reduces hardware, software and energy costs
  • Reduces infrastructure costs and complexity while improving performance and utilization
  • Dramatically simplifies infrastructure management and increases efficiency
  • Eliminates downtime for hardware maintenance
  • Consolidates available storage capacity across vendor, cabinet, interface, OS and connectivity boundaries
  • Enables you to spend less time on routine maintenance and more time on meeting growing business needs
  • Increases security by enabling the management, measurement and observation of all dimensions of access – who, what, where and how long
  • Ensures business continuity, allowing users to work even after disaster strikes
  • Increases mobility by enabling users to work from anywhere